We offer full sampling identification, including water absorption tests.  

Asbestos Personal Air Testing 

This type of air testing is used to see the asbestos exposure to an individual, this can help to gage the usefulness of your control measures in place, to evaluate if the control measures are being exceeded, to ensure the PPE being used is providing the individual with the correct protection. 

Asbestos Background Air Testing 

This type of air testing analyses the fibre concentration prior to or during any works being carried out. This is generally used to ensure fibre concentration is at a safe level during works. 
Asbestos Air Monitoring

Asbestos Leakage Air Testing 

This type of air testing is to ensure once an enclosure is built it is secure and the integrity of the enclosure has not been compromised and not allowing asbestos fibres to leave the area. This air test is used alongside a smoke test and visual inspections are carried out regularly. 

Asbestos Reassurance Air Testing 

This air test is used to measure the asbestos fibres that are airborne after asbestos removal works have been carried out. To pass a reassurance air test there must be less than <0.01 d/cm3 in the air. 
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